The power of panic

My experience with panic attacks, working with the process & how to turn problems into purpose. The wonderful world of panic. We all get panicky at times but there’s a big difference between panic attacks and having a moment or a blip in the road. My experience with panic attacks I remember the first time [...]

An Autistic Affair: Pride or Prejudice?

Why we all can become Autistic allies Living with an Autism Spectrum disorder comes with many positives. The ability to process information in a sensory-heightened fashion. A perspective of the world that is extremely vibrant. Possessing a creative mind that has the capacity to think outside the norms. But it also has its negatives: struggling [...]

Clock-Conscious Culture

The trouble with timed tasks Time. Every second counts- and we keep on counting. We check our phones, watches and clocks religiously to see how long has passed. Sometimes it goes fast, sometimes it goes slow- but it always keeps moving forward. Infinitely. Indefinitely. So why are we so obsessed by time? Are we really [...]

Tales of an Anxious Artist

Art and Anxiety. An elusive fusion of creativity and concern. As an artist who has anxiety; when I have an anxious episode my functioning’s as a creative individual are often compromised by my ability to see a task through to the end. When I’m producing a piece of art (in whatever medium that may be) [...]

Mentally Moving

Moving towards a mentally healthy society As of 2018, it's estimated that approximately 16 million people in the UK are experiencing mental illness. Thats about 25% of the population Its a shocking statistic... ... And a number that keeps rising at exponential rates. As a society we are growing more mentally unhealthy and our attitudes [...]

A Broken System

Schematics of the Depressed, Oppressed and the Suppressed. The mental health system as we know it is struggling, and although staff are doing their best with the (rapidly) limiting resources they have at their disposal, many people are falling through the gaps. The system is broken, and we are becoming well aware of the schematics [...]