A Functional Guide to Autism

What is it like to have High Functioning Autism? I have a condition called High Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder, which you matey know as Aspergers Syndrome. Ive had it since birth, but only got a diagnosis when I was 19, after a stay in a psychiatric hospital and living my life up till that point [...]

The power of panic

My experience with panic attacks, working with the process & how to turn problems into purpose. The wonderful world of panic. We all get panicky at times but there’s a big difference between panic attacks and having a moment or a blip in the road. My experience with panic attacks I remember the first time [...]

An Autistic Affair: Pride or Prejudice?

Why we all can become Autistic allies Living with an Autism Spectrum disorder comes with many positives. The ability to process information in a sensory-heightened fashion. A perspective of the world that is extremely vibrant. Possessing a creative mind that has the capacity to think outside the norms. But it also has its negatives: struggling [...]

Clock-Conscious Culture

The trouble with timed tasks Time. Every second counts- and we keep on counting. We check our phones, watches and clocks religiously to see how long has passed. Sometimes it goes fast, sometimes it goes slow- but it always keeps moving forward. Infinitely. Indefinitely. So why are we so obsessed by time? Are we really [...]

Tales of an Anxious Artist

Art and Anxiety. An elusive fusion of creativity and concern. As an artist who has anxiety; when I have an anxious episode my functioning’s as a creative individual are often compromised by my ability to see a task through to the end. When I’m producing a piece of art (in whatever medium that may be) [...]