Mentally Moving

Moving towards a mentally healthy society As of 2018, it's estimated that approximately 16 million people in the UK are experiencing mental illness. Thats about 25% of the population Its a shocking statistic... ... And a number that keeps rising at exponential rates. As a society we are growing more mentally unhealthy and our attitudes [...]

A Broken System

Schematics of the Depressed, Oppressed and the Suppressed. The mental health system as we know it is struggling, and although staff are doing their best with the (rapidly) limiting resources they have at their disposal, many people are falling through the gaps. The system is broken, and we are becoming well aware of the schematics [...]

On My Way…

Travelling with Aspergers' Syndrome I love to discover new places and go on adventures, and having Aspergers’ Syndrome (a type of High-Functioning Autism) means that sometimes despite enjoying exploring my new surroundings, I find it can be difficult to support myself. This can occur in a variety of settings and situations when I am travelling [...]

Autism Spectrum. Stigmas? Smash Them.

10 things you should know about my Autism Spectrum Disorder. There are so many stigmas and stereotypes surrounding disability and mental health knocking around within society today, especially Autism. I got my official diagnosis after dealing with many mental health difficulties and a stay in a psychiatric hospital. I received the diagnosis of having a [...]


The subtle art & addiction of getting shit done. People always ask me; why do you spend so much time in coffee shops?and How do you manage to do so much sat behind a desk? The reason why… It’s all a form of inspiration. Rocking up at any cafe, bar or bistro at whatever time [...]

Forever Alone… (Gladly)

Valentines Day 2019:Being Asexual, relationships and doing what YOU love. I’m asexual, and so is about 1% of the population of not only the UK but the whole world. So yes. We do exist. We aren’t a myth. But let’s clarify one thing about the term asexual... For me, I see myself as an Asexual [...]