Articles, Features + Collaborations

I’m passionate about promoting positive mental health through creativity. Collaboration is key to my work.


Paul McGregor: Toxic Poison

Paul McGregor: Social Media is the new Smoking


Mental Gladiator Media: My Story

Vent UK: My Story

MQ Mental Health: My Story

Creating Connections Between Cities Through Art: Live Portal Project

Journalism and Live Performance: ‘Stitched!’

Talks and Events

  • AREWEOKUK Escapes: Sharing my story
  • Inside Out Dinner Event: Sharing my story
  • ‘Can Anyone Hear Me?’ Mental Health Conference: Sharing my story
  • National Association for Disability Practitioners ‘Ensuring Quality Provision Conference’: Keynote Speaker on Disability Management within Higher Education
  • Mental Health Awareness Week 2019 ‘Walk and Talk at Regents Park’: Sharing my story