Dual Diagnosis: A short piece on my perspective.

What it like living with both a learning disability and mental illnesses?…

It’s not easy, I can tell you that much.

I’ve had Autism since birth but only got diagnosed afew years ago; and when it comes to my mental health, that was only diagnosed after a breakdown afew years ago too.

Living with both has it’s downfalls, sometimes I’m not able to communicate how I feel because I’m anxious; and overwork myself due to my autism to ensure I don’t appear weak and stay ‘functioning’.

Other days I have an autistic meltdown where reality becomes distant and my depression is the only thing that I can think about.

But, it has its benefits too. Living with both a learning disability and mental health illnesses allow me to see the world through a perspective I never thought was possible. I see the tiny details in things, the colours, the textures, the feelings people have hidden under their smiles.

I am determined to inspire others and remind them that the labels society puts upon us, the diagnosis each, the stereotypes, the stigma do not merely define us. They do not hold us back. They make us work ever that bit harder to achieve, and… we do achieve.

We achieve and conquer those silent battles that nobody knows about. We fight everyday to survive, and we try our bests to make our way through life: one step at a time.

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