The subtle art & addiction of getting shit done.

People always ask me; why do you spend so much time in coffee shops?and How do you manage to do so much sat behind a desk?

The reason why…

It’s all a form of inspiration.

Rocking up at any cafe, bar or bistro at whatever time of day (there are some great ones in both Central London and Brighton that are open right up until 10pm), I see all kinds of people, all kinds of cultures, and all kinds of life. It gives me inspiration to invest in myself, to become the person I want to be, the person I deserve to be.

Even though I may look like bit of a mug (pun intended) sat in a coffee shop for 6 hours…

I get shit done.

Maintaining an ‘everything in moderation’ mentality, and getting the balance right.

So… Its 10 am and I’m sat in a coffee shop somewhere in Central London…

Laptop. Coffee Mug. Notebook. (Check.)

Shit to do?: Yes.

Ready to do work?: Nah.

When I’ve got a long list of things to do; I find myself procrastinating, telling myself “I’ll get that done later”. But…

Prioritising is paramount to heighten your performance.

What helps me to stop procrastinating and to perform better (whether it be in my work, my studying, or in my personal life); is to prioritise. And; there are many ways to do this.

  • Prioritising can be as simple as writing a list with the most important at the top, and the stuff that can wait for a bit at the bottom.
  • Prioritising can be setting yourself aside 20 minutes every few hours of intense work to take rest breaks.
  • Prioritising can be setting your phone to silent every now and again to allow yourself time to connect with yourself instead of through posting, liking and taking selfies.
  • Prioritising can be scheduling down-time for a catch up call or coffee with a friend.

So remember, wherever or whenever you decide to get shit done, go at your own pace. You deserve it.


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