The Blabbermouth Blog: (‘Time to Talk Day 2019’)

The power of words.

Being a verbal, Autistic individual has its ups and downs (just like my coffee: whether it’s the 8am Espresso rush or the 2pm hot-desking Latte).

People say I’m a blabbermouth as I never stop talking; and other times they say I shy away and need to talk more…

What do I make of this?… Honestly I’d say I’m both!

I’m lucky to be verbal and able to communicate using words and spoken language. But many individuals on the Autistic Spectrum are non-verbal and use gestures, movements and noises to communicate with the world.

Why is talking so important in todays society?

Silent but deadly…

During the darkest times; I had real trouble in speaking up and sharing how I felt with the world. I wasn’t sure how to ‘reach out’ to gain support.

I put up a wall, a hard exterior where the silence kept people out, and kept my emotions in.

The wall comes tumbling down…

Through my admission in the psychiatric hospital; I learnt ways to slowly break down the wall I had built around myself. With the foundations so strong; it would be a challenge for me- but I was determined to try.

“I learnt that letting it out doesn’t have to leave a scar and letting people in doesn’t mean I have to break the whole wall down.”

Some of the ways that helped me have been:

  • Recording myself speaking (then listening back and reflecting)
  • Writing Slam Poetry
  • Using a ‘Feelings Wheel’ (This is a great one!:

I realised that I didn’t have to break down the whole wall, but I could etch out windows and doors to provide a way for me to reach out and for people to step in.

Sharing is caring… (But when it comes to coffee; I don’t share. Not ever.)

Cliché, I know; but it is true. When you are able to share openly- it eases the tension and allows others to support you, and for you to support yourself.

It’s ‘Time to Talk’… It’s time to speak up and speak out!

“Time to Talk Day 2019 is taking place on Thursday 7 February. However you do it, make a conversation about mental health.” (Find out more:

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