Be creative. Be inspired. Be YOU.

“Everyone has the ability to fulfil their potential; sometimes it takes a little bit of creativity.”

– Claudia

Claudia Van-Nimwegen

Claudia Van-Nimwegen is a Theatre Artist and Motivational Speaker who has a passion for helping people reach their true potential through the power of creativity.

As a Theatre Artist, Claudia uses personal lived experiences surrounding disability, technology, gender and mental health as inspiration for creating impactful, thought provoking works of performance art that fuse both the occurrences of daily life and the digital realms together.

Claudia has worked both nationally and internationally on a wide range of creative projects taking on roles such as concept designer, independent writer, performance artist and technician.

As a motivational speaker, Claudia designs and delivers a variety of tailor-made workshops and talks on creative thinking, mental health and media production at various conferences and events across the UK.

Because creativity comes in many forms, Claudia loves to work with anyone and everyone who wants to get creative, supporting individuals and groups to be the best person they can possibly be.